Hix Oyster & Fish House, Lyme Regis

2013-10-27 15.23.07

Anyone who has explored the South West of the UK, will most likely have been drawn to Lyme Regis, the small fishing port cum home to the well-heeled in need of a place to ‘get away to’ with a great beach, harbour and crazy golf cheap NFL jerseys course.  This kind of gentrification is highlighted by the quality of restaurants you’ll find there and I’m glad that Mark Hix chose this as one of his ‘out of town’ locations.

You may ask what took me to Hix, so I will tell you.  My mum’s 70th birthday.  Simples.  I will admit that A I had test Chateau driven this location earlier whilst partaking of my brother Adrian’s Stag Party a year or so before hence knowing the delights of the Baked views to be had from Hix’s from just above the town across the harbour towards the wholesale NBA jerseys Cobb.  Highly recommended, even if it’s raining.

So, cheap NBA jerseys let’s get to the custard based offering.  On this occasion, a simple thin and gentle sugaring was adorned above a simple room temperature custard.  As you can see from the photo, fuss was kept to a minimum with III attention focussed on delivering a wholesale Arizona Cardinals jerseys simple sweet simply.  The excellent views from Hix only added to the simple presentation of the dessert.  Again, a light, thin sugaring on a room temperature delivered the expected results.  This may have been helped by the fact that we were celebrating an important birthday with wives, brothers, children and mothers, all of whom were being well behaved.  8/10.