The first one… Château de Sanse, France

Chateau de Sanse 20.8.2013

So, this is where is all started.   This is the first brûlée wholesale mlb jerseys I photographed with the cheap jerseys idea de that I might jot down a from few notes about it in order cheap nfl jerseys to remember it a little better, perhaps with a photo…

Firstly I must tell you about the setting.  Chateau de Sanse is a beautiful location for lunch with the restaurant terrace looking wholesale mlb jerseys out over gently rolling vine-covered hillsides.  It’s a truly idyllic countryside setting, yet only a short drive from the busy regional town of Port Sainte Positioning Foy in the Dordogne region of South West wholesale mlb jerseys France.  I have enjoyed lunch and the setting here on a few occasions, and without doubt, it’s delight every time…

So this was a real treat as a dessert, in part the reason why I fell in love with it as a first.  A beautifully dressed plate served with a scoop of blackcurrant sorbet (which was a fantastic palate cleanser).  The brûlée itself was light affair with the ‘surprise’ of nectarine slices hidden in the custard. The sugaring was light, with the caramelisation gentle to crack with spoon.  7/10.


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