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Van der Valk Hotel, Düsseldorf

2014-02-16 20.08.14

OK, so I wholesale nfl jerseys have to admit that I like Düsseldorf.  A lot.  In fact, I like Germany a lot too.  As a country, it’s beautiful.  It’s people are cheap nfl jerseys lovely.  You can drive at ridiculous speeds on the Autobahn.  And most importantly, it has doors that close.  Properly.  None of this, ‘well we tried really hard to hang it well mate, but just couldn’t quite get it 100%’.  German doors, especially in hotels, close perfectly.  No noise, no Oyster gaps, just a perfect fit.  You may wonder why I am labouring this point, but being British means de we often accept workmanship which is not quite 100%.  Not so cheap mlb jerseys our German friends.  German doors close nicely, first time and without any fuss.  Anyone who’s Work? stayed in a German hotel, or owned a German car will know what I’m on about.

Anyway, I am not here Bistro, to highlight skilled craftsmanship of the woodworking variety, but of the culinary variety!  Now, strictly speaking the offering you can see above was not ‘on the menu’, so I have to Lacroix ask myself if it should make it on to the blog…?  Well, it was on the buffet counter, Program so ?n I guess it qualifies… and just look at it!!  Marshmallows in custard then caramelised?!!  Genius.  You should also note that the dish was 50cm wide, so this Zielona thing was a monster and deserved the photograph alone.  Just fantastic creativity by the hotel chef…!

Now for the admission.  I didn’t try it.  I should probably be shot and have the blog shut down for that admission.  In my defence, there was a chocolate fountain running and the idea of dipping various wholesale jerseys things in molten chocolate was simply a better idea that evening…  Sorry.  It won’t happen again…  0/10.